Looking for a slightly different way to promote your business? Want to combine the benefits of a website with a traditional brochure? Present PowerPoint presentations, but are fed up with their off the shelf look? Have no fear - we can help.

Whatever you are looking to produce -from a PowerPoint style presentation that will make your presentation stand out from the crowd - to a marketing cd, combining the interactive elements of a website with the "it's on my desk" benefits of a brochure, we offer a service for you.

Due to the highly customised and variable nature of these projects, we are unable to provide a comprehensive price list on this site. Generally, the initial set-up of the cd contents is the expensive part, starting from around £150 for a simple presentation. Each CD then costs around £1.50, fully labelled and packed in a customised jewel case. Of course, prices go down the more CDs you purchase.

To discuss your project, and for more information, please contact us.