Here at L'Informatique we pride ourselves in offering one of the best levels of support around. Couple our dislike of automated queuing systems with the knowledge of our support staff, and you end up with a very happy customer. Whilst it is in everyone's interest to try and resolve the problem over the phone, our support team strives to identify if a fault requires on-site attention as soon as possible. Since our support line is a standard telephone number, we make no extra cash keeping you waiting. Once a job has been allocated to an engineer, we aim to have one with you in under 24 hours, unless you have a support contract that dictates otherwise. We have a strong record of keeping to appointments, and will keep you informed if our engineers are running late.

We offer a number of support options, ranging from maintenance agreements, where you pay a yearly "subscription", and we visit you for nothing, to on-off calls charged on a per hour basis. You do not even have to be a L'Informatique customer to benefit from the experience of our support line - in this scenario we will invoice you for time spent handling your query - but only if we actually resolve the problem.

To discuss how L'Informatique can help you take care of your computer equipment, please contact us today.